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Borescope Repairs

MFE Inspection Solutions offers a variety of RVI scope repair services for equipment such as videoscopes, endoscopes, push cameras and fiber optic scopes.


Borescope Services

MFE Inspection Solutions repairs borescopes to original manufacturer standards, using only quality replacement components. We are a one-stop shop for fiberscopes, video scopes, rigid endoscopes and push cameras. We currently service multiple video scope models including GE, Everest VIT, Olympus, Machida, Hawkeye Gradient Lens, Storz and more.

Tier 1

10-14 business days lead time

  • Adjustment of articulating cable
  • Replacement of tip cover, including braid and rubbers
  • Cleaning of distal tip and tip adapter
  • Polish light guide

Tier 2

15-20 business days lead time

  •  Replacement/repair of curved parts
  • Replacement articulated cable
  • Replacement cable guide
  • Replacement insertion tube
  • Repair/replacement of lighting components such as LEDs, ballasts etc. .

Tier 3

10-14 business days lead time

  • Replacement of stainless steel and tungsten liner tubes
  • Replacement of main electronic control boards and repair

Fiberscope Services

MFE specializes in small diameter articulating fiberscopes of 2mm and larger. We overhaul all fiberscopes from Olympus, GE, Hawkeye, Storz and other brands. Our repairs are guaranteed to meet OEM specifications.

Tier 1

10-14 business days lead time

  • Articulation Adjustment
  • Flexible Section Cover Replacement
  • Insertion Tube Cover Replacement
  • Cleaning the Eyepiece
  • Cleaning the Distal Tip Adapters

Tier 1

Call for lead time.

  • Insertion tube replacement
  • Light guide replacement
  • Articulation cable replacement
  • Cable guide replacement
  • replace bending section
  • rebuild eyepiece
  • Light guide replacement

Tier 1

10-14 business days lead time

  • Articulation cable adjustment
  • Tip cover replacement including braiding and rubbers
  • Clean distal tip & tip adapters
  • Polish light guide

Crawler System and Push Camera Services

MFE Inspection Solutions services the following brand name push cameras; Pearpoint, Ridgid See Snake, and Gen Eye.

Current capabilities include:

  • Push Cable and Mainline System Re-Terminations
  • Reel Service and Repair
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Push Cable and Mainline Command Module Repair

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