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Material Testing Equipment For Rent and Purchase

MFE Inspection Solutions offers cutting-edge material testing equipment for both sale and rent, including the FMP30 Deltascope and Feritscope. These advanced devices are perfect for non-destructive testing of various metallic materials, allowing you to analyze and accurately measure their properties.

The FMP30 Deltascope is a handheld tool that measures the coating thickness and conductivity of both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.

For measuring the ferrite content, Fischer FMP30 Feritscope is a highly advanced NDT inspection tool that uses magnetic induction. This feature is critical for ensuring the strength and flexibility of weld seams in pipes, containers, and boilers, especially in the chemical and petrochemical industries. The FMP30 Feritscope can accurately measure excess or deficit of metal ferrite content, helping you maintain an optimum level of ferrite after welding.

You can rent both the FMP30 Deltascope and Feritscope from MFE Inspection Solutions, where our rental process is easy and straightforward. Our team of experts is always on hand to provide guidance and support, ensuring that you get the most out of your equipment.

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