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Boston Dynamics Spot Scout

Scout Boston Dynamics teleoperations software designed explicitly for Spot “The Robot Dog.”



Scout lets operators control their Spot robot fleets from a virtual control room for teleoperation and review data in real-time.

Spot Cam

Simple controls make it easy to hone in on a specific point of interest, such as checking a gauge or reading a meter. For example, drag a rectangle on the screen and the spot cam will aim and zoom within that area. Likewise, hard-to-reach objects are efficiently inspected with spots 30x optical zoom. 

Spot Docking Station

Spot autonomously docks and undocks himself to collect the data you need for routine site data and asset management. Utilizing Scout’s pre-recorded auto walk feature, repeatable missions with no supervision can be executed.

Docking Station for SPOT
SPOT Scout App Thermal Imaging

IR Camera and Microphone

View thermal imagery by toggling on Spot Cams IR mode or listen for environmental anomalies utilizing Spot Cams microphone.

Remote Control

Use a PC keyboard or Spots controller to give Spot instantaneous commands such as move left, right, forward, or backward. Using the “Touch To Go” feature, you can also click on a location within the environment and Spot will automatically navigate to the specified location; this is a preferred method for precise navigation over high latency network connections.

SPOT Remote Control for Scout

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