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DJI FlightHub2

A remote cloud-based drone operations management platform


DJI Cloud Based Flighthub2

2.5D Base Map

  • Integrates elevation data into satellite maps to include terrain information in your operational planning.
  • Displays GEO Zones

Cloud Mapping

The M30 Series can complete 370 acres of visual mapping in a single flight.

  • FlightHub2 supports 2D visual/thermal mapping of an area and provides up-to-date area images.
  • Automatically upload images to FlightHub2 for processing during a mapping mission.

Panorama Sync

  • Create a 360° overview and upload it to the cloud with a single tap.
  • Place your panoramas on the 2.5 base map and the coordinates they were taken from to give all team members quick situational awareness.

Mission Live Streaming

  • Low latency high streaming of the M30 Series, H20 Series and first-person camera view.
  • Display multiple drone streams at the same time.

Mission Planning/Management

  • Preview results for each mission point to ensure the flight route and quality of the data.
  • Create flight missions directly from your computer using the 2.5D Base Map.
  • Enable auto-synchronization of media to FlightHub2
  • Pin photos to the 2.5D Base Map
FlightHub2 Mission Management & Route Planning
DJI Dock & M30

The Matrice 30 & DJI Dock

For fully autonomous operations, FlightHub2 pairs with the DJI Dock and Matrice 30, where the drone can autonomously take off, land, charge, and carry out scheduled missions.


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