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Levatas Artificial Intelligence

Levata’s AI models work with various visual capture platforms ranging from CCTV and single cameras to quadruped robots and advanced drones.


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Data Processing

Process data collected by RGB cameras, X-rays, and thermal and hyperspectral imaging systems. With the data collected from a quality image, Levatas extracts valuable insights and decision-making capabilities through intelligent AI models.

Operational Models

Custom designed fully operational models for analog gauge reading, thermal anomaly and change detection.

Artificial Intelligence Use Case
Boston Dynamics SPOT Gauage Reading AI

Gauge Reading AI

The gauge reading models have the intelligence to adapt and function in various real-world conditions and environments. Perspective warping accounts for environmental challenges and acknowledges that one reading may not be as straightforward as the other. The model proactively seeks human feedback from an expert for low-accuracy results in challenges such as obstructed view, condensation, or glare where precise measurement is impossible.

Thermal Anomaly Detection

Thermal Anomaly Detection can be deployed and optimized using thermal sensor information, analytics, and machine learning to identify specific objects by their temperature against expected conditions.

AI Condition Detection

AI Unsafe Condition Detection

Recognizing dangerous situations such as standing water or unstable structures, or alerting to risky behavior patterns, AI can warn teams of threats and reduce risks quickly and effectively.

Extended AI Model Solutions:

Predictive Maintenance Model

Detect when facility devices show signs of stress, overuse, or abnormal behavior. Used primarily in fabrication and assembly, CV models can capture data with fixed or mobile cameras and report problems to site managers, avoiding costly downtime or assembly-line injuries.

Aerial Imaging AI Analysis

Streamline your aerial capture process by running CV models that, once trained for detection, can take a fraction of the time. The technologies leverage our human-in-the-loop approach, giving analysts focus, faster results, and the ability to apply human skills to more important aspects of their projects.

Levatas AI Video Demonstrations:

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Thermal Anomaly Detection

Gauge Reading & Person Down

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