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For clean, quick sample collections of indoor and outdoor ambient air, environmental soil vapors and ambient VOC’s, the Model 1060, 1- or 2-Liter Bag Sampler provides you with excellent sample integrity. The sampled gas flows directly into the bag’s inlet without passing through the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump can then introduce any contaminants to your sample.

the pumps removes air from the box thus creating a vacuum. Negative pressure inside the box causes air to enter the inlet and flow into a 1- or 2-Liter bag. A flow rate of 100mL/min to 1900mL/min can be achieved with the vent needle valve which allows air to enter the box at a controlled rate.


  • Model 1060, 1- or 2-Liter Bag Sampler
  • Accepts 1- or 2-Liter sampling bags
  • See-through window
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Installed needle valve for course fill rate control
  • Sample Inlet: accepts any 1/4″ OD tubing
  • Direct vacuum force: 162″ of H2O
  • Continuous running time: 8 Hours
  • Vacuum pump filling rate: 100-4000mL/min
  • Carrying strap and operation manual
  • Size: 6 inches high x 8 inches deep x 9.3 inches long
  • Weight: 5lbs


XITECH 1060H Bag Sampler Product Brochure



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