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Niton XL5 XRF Analyzer for rent

MFE Inspection Solutions Canada Becomes Distributor for Thermo Scientific

June 2022—Thermo Scientific’s line of Niton XRF and LIBS units will now be offered by MFE Inspection Solutions Canada.

After 23 years of service, Elemental Controls is closing its doors and handing its distributorship of Thermo Scientific’s Niton XRF and LIBS analyzers to MFE Inspection Solutions Canada. 

As part of this transition, MFE Canada will be welcoming Puneet Kochistry, Marco Santelli, Christian Lavell, Andrew Noblett, and Mike Nicol, all formerly of Thermo Scientific, to its team. 


After 9 years in Canada, it is exciting to announce this new distribution agreement with Thermo Scientific and welcome these new MFE Inspection Solutions team members to the company,” says Scott Balzer, General Manager at MFE Inspection Solutions Canada. “The opportunity for us all to continue with sales, service, calibration, and repairs remains our number one commitment, and we look forward to showing how these expanded offerings will best support our new and current customers.”


The Niton XRF and LIBS allow inspectors to conduct sophisticated analyses in the field, without the need to collect samples and bring them back to a lab. The addition of the Niton XRF and LIBS, as well these five experts on its use, will enhance MFE Canada’s ability to provide the very best NDT, RVI, environmental, drone, and robotics solutions to its clients.


“We are very proud of this new partnership with Thermo Scientific,” says Dylan Duke, Director of MFE Inspection Solutions. “The addition of the Niton XRF and LIBS analyzers serve to expand the offerings MFE Inspection Solutions brings to its clients, allowing them to access even more cutting edge inspection equipment.”