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Embark on a 4K Underwater Voyage: The FIFISH V-EVO Experience.


Introducing FIFISH V-EVO: A New Frontier in Underwater Exploration

Discover the unparalleled experience of the Fifish V-EVO, a state-of-the-art underwater drone. It combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, ideal for both professional and recreational use. Its advanced camera system captures the underwater world with exceptional clarity, while its robust design ensures reliable performance in diverse aquatic environments.

166° Ultra-Wide Lens

Explore a world beyond the ordinary and unveil the wonders beneath the waves. Elevate your underwater imagery by transcending traditional perspectives, creating visuals with profound impact and depth.

Ultra HD 4K at 60 Frames Per Second

Elevate your underwater filming to extraordinary levels with the V-EVO’s advanced camera system. Experience the ease of capturing professional-grade footage, enriched with exceptional smoothness and clarity, to create truly spectacular underwater narratives.

5000 Ultra-bright Lumen LEDs

The FIFISH V-EVO is equipped with a powerful lighting system featuring a duo of 5000-lumen, 5500K white LED lights. This setup enhances visibility in the deep sea, effectively penetrating dark and murky waters. It aids in restoring the natural colors of the underwater environment, ensuring that your visual experience and imagery capture the true essence of the depths.


Break free from conventional boundaries with the unparalleled 360° movement capabilities of our advanced underwater technology. Experience the freedom of effortless hovering and precise posture control. Transform your creative visions into stunning 4K cinematic realities, capturing the depths like never before. This innovative leap in underwater mobility opens new possibilities for exploration and visual storytelling in the aquatic realm.


VR Immersive Control Experience

Experience intuitive and immersive control with the FIFISH APP and smart Goggle technology. Effortlessly guide the FIFISH V-EVO with natural head movements, enjoying full 360° views and navigation. This smart, precise control system redefines underwater exploration, offering an easy-to-use, first-person viewpoint for your dives. Dive deeper into your adventures with this cutting-edge FPV control experience.

[Note: VR Goggles are not included.]

Enhanced Abilities & Integrations

The FIFISH V-EVO boasts a sleek, hydrodynamic design, shaped like a water droplet for reduced resistance against currents, enhancing its dive duration. It also features a versatile attachment port, allowing for the integration of various tools to adapt to different tasks and environments.

AI Vision Locking

The Vision Lock feature of the FIFISH V-EVO enhances its tracking capabilities, ensuring your subjects remain in sharp focus. It accurately identifies and maintains the position of objects, automatically adjusting to keep them centered. This feature allows for precise and adaptive subject tracking in real-time, simplifying the process of capturing dynamic underwater scenes.

Touch Lock

With a single tap, the FIFISH instinctively adjusts its orientation and elevation, aligning the newly selected focus area to the center of the screen. This automatic, intuitive control simplifies navigation and targeting, enhancing your interaction and experience with the underwater environment.

Station Zoom

By performing a pinch-zoom gesture on your screen, the FIFISH intuitively adjusts its distance to the subject, moving closer or further based on your command. This interactive feature allows for seamless and intuitive control of the drone’s proximity to the focus point, enhancing your underwater viewing and filming experience.

Off-Center Lock

By simply holding down any point on your screen for a few seconds, the FIFISH will automatically maintain its current position and orientation, effectively resisting underwater disturbances. This feature allows for stable operation in various subsea conditions, ensuring consistent performance and ease of use.

Slide Lock

By swiping left, right, up, or down on the screen, users can seamlessly shift focus to new points of interest. This gesture control allows for quick and easy adjustments, enabling precise focus lock on different areas with minimal effort.

FIFISH V-EVO Specifications:

FIFISH V-EVO Specifications
Dimensions 383 x 331 x 143 mm
Color Pearl-White
Weight 3.9 kg
Depth Rating 100 meters
Camera System 4k UHD
Frame Rate 60fps / 50fps / 30fps / 25fps
Field Of View 166°
LED 5000 Lumens
SD Card Capacity 64GB
Q-Interface For Add-On Supported
Battery Capacity 97 Wh
Onshore Power Supply System Not Supported
m-Spool-100m Supported (Pearl White)
AI Vision Lock Supported
VR Head Control Supported
HDMI Box 2.0 Supported
External Lighting Mounts Supported
Controller Sun Hood Supported
Lightning To Ethernet Adapter Supported
Parallel Gripper Optional (7 kgf Clamping Force)
Retrieval Hook Optional
Robotic Cage Claw Optional

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