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Skydio X2 Enterprise

UAV, ROV, NDT For Sale



Skydio X2E autonomous drone with Autonomy Enterprise Foundation (AEF) subscription.

Superior Autonomy and a Rugged Design

The ultimate intelligent UAV for Industrial applications. X2E pairs autonomous software with a foldable, rugged airframe for simple “pack and go” transportation and up to 35 minutes of flight time. In addition, X2E has six 4K navigation cameras for a 360° range of obstacle avoidance.

Skydio Ready-to-Go

Dual-Sensor Thermal/Color Payload

The dual-sensor payload includes a 12MP color camera and FLIR® 320×256 thermal Imaging sensor. X2E enables first responders and civilian agencies to ramp up their drone fleets with minimal training safely. Designed, assembled, and supported in the USA, X2E provides a higher supply chain security.

Skydio X2 Camera FLIR

Enterprise Skydio Controller

The X2E Enterprise controller has 2 flight precision joysticks, 6 quick action buttons with 2 programmable button options, and a 6.8″ touch screen with 3040 x 1440 resolution.

Skydio X2 Enterprise Controller

Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation (AEF)

The AEF software delivers advanced Artificial Intelligence-powered capabilities to assist the pilot during tactical situational awareness scenarios and detailed industrial asset inspections. Designed for professionals, it offers an enterprise-caliber flight experience through the new Skydio Enterprise application (available for iOS and Android). Click here for more information.

Skydio X2 Enterprise Specifications:

Dimensions (Unfolded, FLYING)26.1” X 22.4“ X 8.3”
Dimensions (Folded, no battery)11.9” X 5.5” X 3.6”
Weight (With Battery)1325 g
Color Camera4K60P HDR Camera with 16x digital zoom
Thermal CameraFLIR Boson® 320P thermal imager
with 8x digital zoom
Skydio X2 Autonomy
Main ProcessorNVIDIA Tegra X2 SoC
GPU256-core NVIDIA PascalTM GPU
CPUDual-Core NVIDIA Denver 2 64-bit CPU
Quad-Core ARM®-A57 MPCore
RAM4 GB 128-bit LPDDR4
Obstacle Avoidance CoverageOmnidirectional and above/below
super fisheye lenses for 360° view
3D World Model Update Rate> 1 million points per second
World Model-To-Action Update Rate500 iterations per second
Onboard AI9 custom deep networks used in flight
User-Selectable Subjects For TrackingPeople and motor vehicles
Object Tracking and IdentificationUp to 10 simultaneous objects of interest
CalibrationAutomated online calibration of lens
parameters, camera rotations, wind
speed, and air density
Controller Software
Skydio X2E Controller Software
ApplicationsSkydio Enterprise
Wireless Links4G LTE capable
Wired LinksUSB 3.1, (via dongle) HDMI
Operating Frequencies5 GHz
Max RangeExpected up to 6 km
Bandwidth Selection5/20 MHz
Skydio X2E Handset
Dimensions10.75” x 5.25 x 3.0”
Weight1130 g
Flight timeUp to 35 minutes
InputDual 2-axis joysticks, dual rockers & 10 buttons
SensorsGPS, Barometer, Compass, Gyro, ACC
Memory256 GB
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 855
System Security
Skydio X2E System Security
Wireless EncryptionAES-128
FirmwareSigned and encrypted
ControlsAbility to provision and deprovision devices
InfrastructureKey provisioning burned-in at time of manufacture

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