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Pipe Trekker A-150





Effortlessly assess sewer pipe conditions with the Pipe Trekker A-150 crawler. Designed for pipes ranging from 6 to 24 inches in diameter, this portable and durable solution ensures quick and hassle-free inspections.

Pipe Trekker A-150: Simplifying Sewer Pipe Inspections

The Pipe Trekker A-150 is a highly efficient and portable crawler designed to streamline sewer pipe inspections. With its camera head centering capability in pipes ranging from 6 to 24 inches (150-600mm) in diameter, this innovative crawler offers the perfect solution for small to medium-sized pipes, ensuring quick and hassle-free deployment.

Portability & Durability

Built with durability and reliability in mind, the A-150 represents the next generation of smaller-diameter crawlers. Its compact design allows for swift maneuverability while maintaining robustness to withstand challenging inspection environments. Whether you need to assess sewer lines or conduct routine inspections, the A-150 is the ideal instrument.

Key Features:

  • PTZ Full HD Camera: Equipped with a high-definition pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera, the A-150 captures detailed visuals, providing clear visibility of pipe conditions during inspections.
  • Weatherproof Controller: The A-150 comes with a weatherproof hand controller, ensuring optimal performance even in adverse weather conditions. Operators can easily navigate and control the crawler with precision and ease.
  • Motorized Lift Arm: With its motorized lift arm, the A-150 enables seamless vertical movement, allowing for efficient inspection of pipes with varying depths and bends.
  • Modular Wheel Kits: The A-150 features modular rubber wheel kits, providing enhanced traction and stability during inspections. These wheels are designed for optimal performance and can be easily replaced or upgraded.
  • 512 Hz Sonde: Equipped with a 512 Hz sonde, the A-150 allows for efficient localization and identification of anomalies.
  • Floodlights & Laser Scaler: The crawler is equipped with floodlights and a laser scaler, providing illumination and scaling capabilities to enhance visibility and measurement accuracy during inspections.



A-150 Specifications
Weight (in air) 11.3 kg (25 lbs) to 19.7 kg (43.5 lbs) depending on configuration
Materials Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum, Polyurethane, Rubber, High strength Sapphire
Depth Rating 50 m (164 ft)
Operating Temperature -10°C to 40°C
Speed 9 m/min (6″), 12 m/min (8″), 19 m/min (10″)
Battery Life Idle: 11 hours, Continuous operation: 2.5 hours
Main Lights 600 lm
Elevating Arm Lights 1200 lm
A-150 Electrical System Specifications
System Voltage 19.2 VDC
Battery Run Time Idle: 11 hours, Continuous operation: 2.5 hours
Hybrid Power Option Available (operate continuously)
Hybrid Power 75 VDC on Tether via AC input through Automatic Reel for continuous operation

Pipe Trekker A-150 Packages:

The Pipe Trekker A-150 S Package is a comprehensive solution designed for pipeline inspection and maintenance. It includes a 7″ LCH Handheld Control, providing users with intuitive and precise control over the inspection process. With a tether length of 650′, the A-150 S allows for seamless exploration of pipelines and offers a manual tether reel for easy management.

The Pipe Trekker A-150 X Package takes pipeline inspection to the next level with its advanced features. It includes a Touchscreen Rugged Tablet equipped with control license software, providing a user-friendly interface for seamless operation. The package also offers Reporting Software Access, enabling users to generate comprehensive reports based on inspection data. The A-150 X Package features a powered tether reel, ensuring effortless and efficient tether management, and an extended tether length of 1,000′. The A-150 X Package also includes Carbide Wheel Kits and Wheel Spacers, allowing for adaptability in various pipeline environments.

Whether you require quick and straightforward recordings or full compliance with NASSCO’s PACP reporting standards, the A-150 X Package has got you covered. It seamlessly integrates with PACP software, ensuring smooth data transfer and compatibility with industry-standard reporting formats. The package includes easy-to-use software that simplifies the inspection process and facilitates efficient data management. Additionally, it is AI-enabled, allowing for advanced data analysis and interpretation. The A-150 X Package also offers integration with GIS mapping, enabling the generation of accurate maps and models based on inspection data. This feature enhances visualization and provides valuable insights for pipeline maintenance and planning.


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