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XRF Analyzer Calibration & Repairs

MFE Inspection Solutions, based in Mississauga, Canada, offers a comprehensive range of support services for XRF analyzers, emphasizing their commitment to delivering top-notch assistance to their clientele. These services encompass repairs, calibrations, general maintenance, and dedicated phone support, all handled by their factory-trained XRF service technicians. They also provide the Niton XL5 XRF Analyzer for rent.

MFE Inspection Solutions conducts annual inspections, which include a factory-level examination of all hardware components, calibration checks using lab-quality standards, and preventative maintenance advice, along with offering post-warranty service contract options. As a full-service repair facility, they offer replacement parts for field-replaceable components, precise diagnosis of issues, and extensive repair support including the replacement of key components like housings, detectors, and tubes, ensuring a swift service turnaround.

Importantly, MFE Inspection Solutions facilitates repair and calibration services within Canada, thus avoiding border and customs delays. They also offer factory calibration and certification to ensure optimal analytical performance, which includes programming and calibrating additional elements or analytical modes, as well as creating custom calibrations for unique applications. Our factory-trained support technicians provide efficient and friendly support via email or phone, remote desktop support, and accurate troubleshooting, alongside supplying necessary consumables and accessories.

Niton XL5 XRF Analyzer for rent

General Maintenance & Inspection

  • Yearly analyzer inspection.
  • Factory level inspection of all hardware components.
  • Calibration inspection using traceable, lab-quality standards.
  • Preventative maintenance recommendations.
  • Post-warranty service contract options.

Full-Service Repair Facility

  • Replacement parts for field-replaceable components.
  • Thorough and accurate diagnosis of the problem.
  • Comprehensive repair support – from replacement housings, detectors, tubes, etc.
  • Fast and efficient turnaround.
  • Repair & Calibration in Canada without border and customs delays.

Factory Calibration & Certification

  • Calibrate and certify analytical performance.
  • Program and calibrate additional elements to your existing analytical modes.
  • Program and calibrate additional analytical modes to your instrument.
  • Create a custom calibration for unique applications.

Factory Trained Support Technicians

  • Fast and friendly email or phone support.
  • Remote Desktop Support.
  • Accurate and efficient troubleshooting.
  • Consumables and accessories.
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