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MFE Series 4-Way Articulating Scopes


Applied to various visual detection of multi-functional devices, with stainless steel braid testing cable, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, with 360-degree rotation camera.

Joystick-Controlled, 360 Degree Articulation: The mechanized joystick uses operator input to directly control camera articulation. The result is smooth and accurate control of the articulating tip, with immediate response to joystick inputs. This allows the camera tip to be steered through narrow bores, channels, and complex curves. Additionally, the camera will hold its position even when joystick pressure is released. No other video borescope is easier to use.

Super High-Intensity LED Illumination: These LEDs can be adjusted in 5 different levels from off to high, to deliver just the right amount of light.

Bending Parts: Adapt stainless steel embellishment, improving the utility, and wear resistance.


  • Joystick-Controlled
  • 360 Degree Articulation
  • Super High-Intensity LED Illumination
  • Bending Parts


MFE 4-Way Articulating Videoscope Product Brochure


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