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Rajant Mesh Network

A low latency, intelligent wireless network with less dependency on a single point infrastructure.

Rajant ES1 for Spot

Rajant has extended the capabilities of Instamesh to a smaller, lighter series of BreadCrumbs that are ideal for small unmanned systems. The ES1 provides the same reliability and performance in hard-to-network environments as Rajants’ other large, more rugged wireless nodes. The Kinetic Mesh Network enables mobile coverage without the need for infrastructure and can extend the reach of the operational range of Spot and other autonomous assets when they are far away from LTE towers. Rajant Mesh Network System connections never break therefore autonomous operations can run continuously.

Boston Dynamics Spot Robotic for Inspection for sale
Scout Boston Dynamics Thermal Imaging

Mesh Network & Scout Software

Run Boston Dynamics Spot Scout remote software on an isolated network utilizing Rajants Kinetic Mesh.

Oil and Gas Mesh Network Solutions

Many of the world’s largest oil & gas operations rely on Kinetic Mesh technology to deliver the field intelligence they need to closely manage and optimize unmanned, manned and remote operations. Some applications supported by Kinetic Mesh remote monitoring include equipment conditions, voice and data communications, and video security. The ES1 is an excellent solution to expand coverage within your IIoT network.

MFE Network Solution for Oil and Gas

Mining and Municipalities

Rajant Kinetic Mesh provides a mobile mining network that enables mining operators to maintain continuous production while meeting industry safety standards. The architecture of the Kinetic Mesh Network allows underground mines to easily relocate, introduce or remove network infrastructure without delay to deliver continuous connectivity and surface mines are constantly changing as extraction occurs, which is why operators shouldn’t rely on a static infrastructure such as an LTE tower.

Use Case Scenarios:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Maritime



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