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Compact and portable, the Niton DXL is an innovative instrument that gives pawn shops, jewelers and refiners a competitive edge while building trusting relationships with customers.

The Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ DXL-800 delivers fast and accurate analysis of all precious metals and major alloying elements.

  •  Simple to operate, safe to use and perfect for elegant design retail environments
  •  Analyzes composition of all precious metals quickly and precisely with karat-purity results
  •  Gold-plate detection and identification system Increases your profitability with counterfeit detection


Inputs / Outputs

System control via touch-screen keyboard, or computer (via NDTr), user-programmable pick lists, with output via color touch-screen display and USB data transfer.



  • Store-front Buy/Sell Operations
  • Trace Analysis in Manufacturing/Refining
  • Verification in Recycling Operations
  • 22 elements analyzed including all precious metals
  • Software also available in handheld XL2, XL3 and XL5 models

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