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Niton XL5

The Thermo Scientific™ Niton XL5 handheld XRF analyzer identifies alloys, detects tramp elements, analyzes precious metals, and determines coating weight and plating thickness. A lightweight, ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue and expands field use for hard-to-reach places. Powered by a proprietary 5W x-ray tube, the Niton XL5 optimizes the geometry between the x-ray source, fluorescence detector, and sample. Ultimately limits of detection (LODs) are improved and measurement times shortened, ensuring lab quality results every time.

Niton XL5 Features

The Niton XL5 analyzer is part of the industry-leading Niton family of handheld XRF products. When versatility, low detection limits, and high sample throughput are critical, industrial businesses rely on the Niton XL5 handheld XRF analyzer. Offering unmatched speed, performance, and portability, the Niton XL5 analyzer is built to conquer your most demanding applications.

  • Powerful- 5W x-ray tube provides the lowest limits of detection for light elements.
  • Fast- Determine alloy ID, elemental composition, and coating weight/thickness in seconds.
  • Light- Featherweight design weighing 2.8 lbs (1.3 kg) helps reduces operator fatigue.
  • Smart- Application interface, micro and macro camera, and WiFi connectivity.
  • Rugged- Water-resistant and dustproof housing for harsh environments.

XL5 Powerful Analysis

Powerful Analysis

The Niton XL5 features a 5W x-ray tube (the most powerful available) to generate lab-quality results. Specifically engineered to provide superior analysis, the Niton XL5 optimizes the geometry between the x-ray source and sample to ensure you’ll receive the lowest detection limits (LODs). And that’s not all. A dynamic current adjustment delivers optimum sensitivity, while a smart Fundamental Parameter calibration corrects for sample matrix effects.

XL5 Expanded field use

Expanded Field Use

See and feel the Niton XL5 difference. Weighing in at 2.8 lbs (1.3 kg), the Niton XL5 is the lightest and smallest handheld XRF analyzer available for elemental determination. A miniaturized footprint and featherweight design reduce operator fatigue while increasing productivity. With the Niton XL5, you’ll expand your field use and unlock access to previously unpenetrated tight spots. Seamlessly reach corners, joints, and awkward or tight welds with minimal effort.

XL5 Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

By reducing downtime, you’ll achieve more with the Niton XL5. Fast analysis times help increase sample throughput and production. Equipped with two hot-swap batteries, operators can quickly replace a depleted battery. A tilting, color touchscreen, and optional directional keys make it easy for users to navigate through menus, sample readings, and more. And with the Niton XL5’s micro and macro cameras, you’ll experience better record keeping too. A micro camera precisely pinpoints your measurement, while a macro camera collects full sample imagery.

XL5 Smart Technology

Smart Technology

With the Niton XL5, you’ll work smarter, not harder. Our intelligent, simplified software solution features an application interface that is easy for any user to understand. You’ll have the option to customize data captures and user profiles to create a workflow solution specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. Best of all, our WiFi-enabled XRF analyzer empowers you to transfer and view your sample readings remotely.


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