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Bettair IoT Devices

Large Scale Pollution Mapping Tool

Bettair® Air Quality Mapping: Your Guide to Cleaner Urban Living

Dive into the urban future with Bettair® Air Quality Mapping, an innovative product employing cutting-edge gas sensors and advanced algorithms to meticulously map air and noise pollution in cities with unprecedented precision. This forward-thinking platform empowers municipalities to develop strategic plans, enhance air quality, and reap rewards such as reduced healthcare costs and a higher quality of life. Equipped with advanced sensors and an intuitive citizen app, Bettair® nodes reveal pollution sources, enabling customized solutions that lead to a healthier, more prosperous urban environment.

Bettair’s Commitment to Public Health and Clean Air

Air pollution is a pressing global concern that takes a heavy toll on public health. Annually, outdoor air pollution is responsible for nearly 4 million fatalities, primarily in urban areas. The urgency of this issue is magnified by rapid urbanization. Key culprits, including particulate matter (PM), ozone (O3), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), contribute significantly to this health crisis, endangering human well-being.

Bettair dedication to public health extends to their product life cycle. Bettair conducts a comprehensive analysis that accounts for all emissions linked to their products, covering manufacturing, packaging, transportation, and energy consumption during use and recycling. Bettair’s mission is to combat air pollution and improve the quality of life for all.

Exploring Bettair® Air Quality Sensors

Bettair® static nodes offer a comprehensive sensor suite, purposefully designed for accurate air quality measurement. This suite encompasses a broad spectrum of pollutants, including NO2, NO, CO, O3, SO2, H2S, CO2, PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, and ambient noise levels. Additionally, these nodes are proficient in collecting environmental data on temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

Discovering The Bettair® Software Platform

The bettair® software platform delivers real-time node visualization and status updates, offering a comprehensive view of air quality monitoring. With seamless access to all node values, users can effortlessly tap into critical data. Moreover, the bettair® platform simplifies the visualization of pollutant heatmaps and the Common Air Quality Index, providing a holistic understanding of environmental conditions and air quality metrics.

Bettair® Nodes: Redefining Air Quality Insights

Bettair® nodes introduce an unprecedented blend of advanced calibration and global connectivity. Powered by our pioneering post-processing algorithm, these sensors achieve remarkable precision, boasting a Pearson Correlation exceeding 90%. This level of accuracy aligns them with traditional and expensive monitoring stations, eliminating the need for on-site calibration. Utilizing unsupervised machine learning techniques, the algorithms process raw data from the gas sensors, ensuring exceptional performance even at low concentrations, down to parts per billion (ppb). Furthermore, the nodes offer various connectivity options, including 3G, LTE, 4G, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, and Ethernet, ensuring seamless worldwide connectivity for comprehensive air quality monitoring.


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Bettair Nodes
Bettair Node Specifications
Measurement The bettair® Static Nodes offer precise measurement capabilities for various air pollutants, ambient noise levels, and other environmental parameters.

Electrochemical gas sensors (up to 6) for measurement (ppb or µg/m3):
Optical Particle Counter (µg/m3) for:
Greenhouse gas measurement:
CO2 (ppm o mg/m3)

Features – Innovative mechanical design
– Dust-tight and water-resistant (IP65 rated)
– Low-power electronics
– Wireless connectivity
Sensors Cartridge The sensors, including electrochemical cells and particulate matter sensors, have a lifespan of two years.
During this period, data quality is assured. After two years, the sensors can be easily replaced by replacing the bettair® sensor cartridge as shown in the picture.
Connectivity – LoRaWAN
– Narrowband-IoT
– 3G/4G
– Ethernet
Size & Weight – Height: 210 mm (8.26 inches)
– Width: 176 mm (6.92 inches)
– Depth: 114 mm (4.48 inches)
Bettair Software & Mobile Application
Software Platform & Mobile Application
Software Platform The bettair® software platform provides data from each device and heatmaps of the covered area. It seamlessly integrates with other platforms, offering compatibility through our API with both proprietary and open-source solutions.
Mobile Application The bettair® mobile application is currently in development to enhance access to information and offer personalized features. Users can look forward to features such as locating the cleanest routes and tracking individual exposure.

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