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Flyability Inspector 4.0

See, locate and document your inspections with Inspector 4. An easy-to-use software solution that empowers asset operators to make fast, data-driven decisions with a whole new level of accuracy.


Turn raw data into valuable insights

Thanks to the Elios 3 LiDAR sensor, inspection data is now reported in a high-density point cloud of your asset, providing a new level of data accuracy and reliability.

Inspector 4.0 3D Map Navigation

Visualize data on a 3D map.

Navigate a 3D model representation of any object or environment using the pan, rotate and zoom functions. Click on a point of interest to bring up the corresponding frame in your mission video.

Inspector 4.0 Analyze Points of Interest

Analyze points of interest

In the video player, browse the video frames to choose the one that best shows your point of interest. Enhance your smaller visual features by zooming in and adjusting light and contrast. Capture your measurements with the 2D measurement tool.

Inspector 4.0 Reporting

Document and organize

Report your findings directly in the video player. Give your POI a name and a description. Sort them by criticality and organize them with custom tags.

Shareable Report

Easily share reports within your company or with your customers by exporting POI information in a PDF or Word document.

Downloading Inspector 4.0 for your Elios 3

Inspector 4.0 can be downloaded from Flyabilitys website and is free of charge for everyone. For Elios 2 users, Inspector 4.0 requires the purchase of an Inspector Premium license to create inspection maps using the mapping algorithm embedded in Inspector.


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