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MFE Inspection Solutions Partners with dnota to Offer Advanced Air Quality Monitoring in Canada

EDMONTON, Alberta–MFE Inspection Solutions, a leader in the inspection equipment industry, is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with dnota, an innovative provider of air quality monitoring solutions. Through this collaboration, MFE’s Canadian offices will offer dnota’s cutting-edge Bettair device, a tool for precise, large-scale mapping of pollution in cities or industrial environments.

The Bettair Node, a versatile multi-sensor device, operates independently, proficiently measuring a wide range of pollutants and environmental parameters, ensuring reliable data collection over a guaranteed two-year lifespan. Deploying Bettair nodes strategically throughout urban and industrial areas offers continuous real-time monitoring that is a cost-effective alternative to complex weather monitoring systems.

With their extensive expertise and comprehensive equipment offerings in nondestructive testing, remote visual inspection, unmanned drones and robotics, and environmental inspection applications, MFE Inspection Solutions sees this continuous air monitoring system as an invaluable asset to their expansive toolkit.

“Our partnership with dnota marks a significant milestone for MFE Canada. By integrating Bettair’s advanced air quality monitoring into our suite, we’re equipping our customers with the tools to enact real environmental change. It’s a step towards a cleaner future, grounded in data precision and reliability,” says Scott Balzer, Vice President of MFE Inspection Solutions Canada.

“The dnota-MFE alliance is set to revolutionize the way we prioritize customer satisfaction in Canada. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, this partnership leverages cutting-edge sensor technology to provide exceptionally high-quality air measurement. The result is an unparalleled level of efficiency, ensuring that customers across Canada enjoy the purest air, setting new standards for environmental well-being,” explains dnota’s Commercial and Marketing Manager Jorge Godoy.

MFE Inspection Solutions is enthusiastic about the potential to improve air quality monitoring and management across Canada with the integration of dnota’s Bettair technology. The company invites all interested parties to contact its team of experts for more information on the Bettair device and other environmental solutions offered by MFE.

About MFE Inspection Solutions:

MFE Inspection Solutions provides a comprehensive inventory of inspection equipment from top manufacturers such as dnota, ThermoScientific, MFE Enterprises, Olympus, Emesent, FLIR, Niton, and more. Their team of specialists partner with their customers to ensure they are equipped with the right tools and training for effective and reliable inspections, saving their customers time and money. As the largest reseller for the Flyability Elios series and an authorized dealer for all DJI drones, including the Matrice 300 Series, MFE is a leading resource in the inspection industry.

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About dnota:

dnota specializes in advanced air quality monitoring solutions, offering compact wireless stations with real-time web-based visualization platforms. Their products deliver large-scale mapping and efficient monitoring of pollution in urban and industrial settings.