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Deep Trekker DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler



Inspect pipes from 6″ to 12″ in diameter

Battery-Operated Mini Pipe Crawler

The DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler allows operators to conduct storm and wastewater inspections without the need for topside power. Complete in one compact carrying case, the out-of-the-box system is deployable without generators or power supply onsite. With an easy-to-use controller, it is the only battery-operated CCTV pipe crawler of its kind.

ROV Easy operation

Easy to operate

The DT320 Mini Crawler is easy to operate with the use of its hand-held control console. Effortlessly create a visual catalog of your inspections and integrate it directly with asset-management software.
DT320 Wheels

Customized for the job

The DT320 Mini crawler can be equipped with various wheel options and tracks so that you can tailor the camera for the project at hand.
DT320 Compatible systems

Compatible with the DT340

Both the DT320 Mini and the DT340 can operate using the same control console and tether.


DT320 Front Side Top View

DT320 Mini Crawler General Specifications

Width:123 mm (5”)
Height:87 mm (4”)
Length:440 mm- 630 mm (17” - 25”)
Weight:11 kg (25 lb) - 16 kg (35 lb)
Depth Rating:50 m (124 ft)
Body Material:Stainless Steel, Aluminium
Window:Sapphire Glass Lens Cover Wiper
Turn Radius:0 mm (0”)
Speed:12 m / Min
Operating Temp:-5C To 40C (23F - 104F)
Software compatibility:Integrates with most sewer inspection software
Warranty:1 Year - Parts And Labor (2-3 years optional)

Electrical System

System:19.2 Vdc (Lithium Batteries)
Battery Run Time:up to 5 Hours
Battery Recharge:1.5 Hours
Sensors:Incline, Roll, Leak, Camera Pan/Tilt
Lighting:650 Lumens
Camera:700Hd Tvl, Color, 0.001 Lux (Low Light), Controller Controlled, Pan (360 degree) & Tilt (280 degree)
Wheel/Drive:Skid Steer - 4Wd With Track Belt
Sonde:512 Hz

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