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Autonomous Drone Package Rentals

Experience the cutting-edge Autonomous Drone Packages at MFE Inspection Solutions, featuring the Skydio X2 & S2 drone. Our X2 package includes the advanced AEF foundation, an Autonomous Enterprise Foundation, powering our drones with intelligent software for safe and efficient navigation. Benefit from Close Proximity Obstacle Avoidance, Precision Mode, Superzoom, Point of Interest Orbit, Visual Return-To-Home, Offline Maps, Track-in-place, and Vertical View features. Capture superior inspection data while effortlessly maneuvering through challenging environments.

Our packages also include Skydio 3D scan software, enabling accurate and detailed aerial imagery for various applications like infrastructure inspections, construction site surveys, and environmental monitoring.

We understand the importance of making informed technology investments, which is why we offer the opportunity to explore the capabilities of our Autonomous Drone Packages before committing to a purchase. Our team provides comprehensive training and support for a successful proof of concept.

Rest assured, even after your purchase, our dedicated team will continue to offer ongoing support, ensuring maximum value from your investment.

Discover the benefits of our Autonomous Drone Packages for your business by contacting MFE Inspection Solutions today.

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