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Emesent – Hovermap ST-X

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Hovermap ST-X Scan Range

With a LiDAR sensing range of 300 m (984 ft), the Hovermap ST-X allows you to fly higher and faster to expand your transect coverage and provide faster data acquisition over larger areas. As a result, fewer flights are required to cover an area, reducing the time spent setting up, packing, moving, and merging scans.

Vegetation Penetration

Triple returns and a rotating LiDAR (not statically mounted) make the Hovermap ST-X perfect for scanning terrain or forests. The resulting point cloud is dense, making it easy to classify scanned objects.

Real-Time Point Cloud

Hovermap ST-X streams a point cloud map directly to your control tablet to display a real-time data preview as you capture it. The addition of Emesent’s Long-Range Radio accessory enables live streaming and control of the device from up to 20x further, allowing you to view real-time data and set waypoints for guided exploration from an even greater distance.

Survey Grade Scans

In addition to improving accuracy for common mapping tasks, Hovermap ST-X with ground control points can create survey-grade scans for long, linear assets, large and feature-poor environments previously challenging for other SLAM-based systems.

Durability & Adaptablity

The robust, weatherproof Hovermap ST-X is dust and splash-resistant, making it ideal for use in dusty or harsh environments. Expand your options with accessory ports and mounting points, and add long-range radio, colorization hardware, or an inspection camera.

Benefits of Hovermap ST-X Slam-based LiDAR system.

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Data Collection Speed
Capture more than one million points per second for more accurate data over long distances in less time.
Uniquely Versatile
The plug-and-play design and quick-release mechanism make it easy to switch between modes. Use Hovermap ST-X as a handheld scanner; Connect it to a drone, vehicle, or pole. Lower the Hovermap ST-X into a cage or attach it to a backpack for easy data collection anywhere. The lightweight design makes it an easy-to-carry accessory and ensures a longer flight time.
Sub-Centimeter Indoor Scans
The award-winning wildcat SLAM solution, Automated Ground Control Points and improved LiDAR sensor accuracy provide a cleaner, more precise point cloud with 4 – 5mm accuracy allowing you to obtain more accurate measurements.
Autonomous Capabilities
Advanced autonomy and 360° collision avoidance enables flight and mapping in challenging surroundings. Including beyond visual line of sight and communication range or even in GPS-denied environments while the operator remains in a safe location.


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