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Xtenda Cam HD


Xtenda Cam HD is designed specifically for viewing and illuminating hard-to-reach areas while giving the operator the capability of taking still images or recordings.

Xtenda Cam HD Tilt System

The XtendaCam Tilt System is equipped with a 1080p camera attached to a motorized tilting mechanism in a waterproof housing allowing the operator to change the verticle position of the camera in a 320° range of motion.



Variable LED lighting system that can reach up to 25 feet.

Telescoping Pole

The Xtenda Cam is equipped with a telescoping pole that extends up to 16 Feet 4 Inches and only weighs 12.4lbs.

Xtenda Cam System Controls

Stabilization Legs

The Xtenda Cam comes standard with two non-slip stabilization legs providing balance and control when viewing and recording a targeted area.

Camera Controls & Display 

The camera system is controlled via a touchpad located on the body of the Xtenda Cam Pole. The pole comes standard with a mounted color DVR and adjustable HD LCD display, allowing the operator to view a live video feed, record an mpg video or still frame capture a .jpg image. Videos and photos are stored on SD cards, and the output jack can be used with external monitors.


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