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When versatility, low limits of detection and high sample throughout are critical, industrial businesses rely on the handheld Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL5 XRF analyzer. Providing customers with solutions designed to meet their most demanding applications, the Niton XL5 analyzer maximizes performance and productivity for XRF analysis.

Weighing an industry leading 2.8 pounds (1.3 kg), the Niton XL5 analyzer is the lightest and smallest handheld XRF analyzer available for elemental determination and alloy identification. Powered by a proprietary 5W x-ray tube, the Niton XL5 analyzer optimizes the geometry between the x-ray source, large area silicon drift detector, and the sample. Ultimately limits of detection (LODs) are improved and measurement times shortened, ensuring that you receive lab quality results every time.


  • ANALYTICAL RANGE: Standard Alloy Analytical Range: More than 30 common elements for rapid alloy identification
    Ultra-low light element detection
  • AVAILABLE ANALYTICAL MODES: General Metals, Precious Metals, Coatings, Mining, Soils, Spectral Fingerprint
  • DATA STORAGE: Approximately 130,000 readings with spectra (fewer, if micro and macro images are saved)
  • DATA TRANSFER: WiFi, USB, Bluetooth
  • OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: 3mm small-spot collimation
    Thermo Scientific™ portable test stand
    Thermo Scientific™ mini test stand
    Thermo Scientific™ backscatter shield
    Thermo Scientific™ hotwork stand off
    Thermo Scientific™ soil guard
    Belt holster
  • DATA ENTRY: Touch-screen keyboard
    User-programmable pick lists
    Customizable data field sets
  • DIMENSIONS (L x W x H):  9.54 x 8.19 x 2.67 in. (242.56 x 208.17 x 67.9mm)

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